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Language in use: genres and social contexts

At each Year level, participation in English programs should develop students' use of English in a wide range of situations. Objectives of subject English are expressed holistically in terms of language in use:

  • Students will participate in literary and non-literary types of genres associated with a variety of cultural contexts.
    See Table 1 and Table 2.

  • Students will participate in social contexts involving spoken Australian Engish, written standard English, and other varieties of English including their home language if it is not spoken Australian English.
    See Table 3

Elements underlying language in use: attitudes, processes, skills and knowledge

To assist students' use of English, programs will progressively develop and refine their underlying attitudes, thinking processes, language skills and knowledge within the context of language use.

Attitudes - Students will use English confidently and with enjoyment, respect their own language, culture and experience as well as that of other people, and appreciate language in its many forms.
See Table 4

Processes - Students will think imaginatively, logically and critically as they use and learn English.
See Table 5

Skills - Students will deploy and interpret textual features in ways appropriate to the cultural and social contexts, and use appropriate procedures while composing and comprehending, while learning language, and while organising their use of language.
See Table 6

Knowledge - students will develop understandings of key concepts related to language structures, language use, and language and learning, including their own language learning.
See Table 7

[Source: Queensland English Syllabus for Years 1 to 10   Dept of Education, Queensland, 1994]

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