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Reimbursable expenses

  The Reimbursable expenses feature enables the business to keep track of the expenses incurred on behalf of a customer, which will be claimed back from the customer.

  • When setting up a job - see creating jobs - the Track Reimbursables option needs to be marked.

  • The Job has to be linked to a customer card.

  • Go to the Lists menu at the top of the screen, choose Jobs. Select the Detail Job you want to track.

  • In the Job Information window ensure that track reimbursables is ticked and use the down arrow on the Linked customer field to choose the customer.

  • Click OK

  • The reimbursable expense is entered in the same way as any other expense except that a job is assigned to the transaction.

To Create a reimbursable expense

  1. From the Banking command centre, click Spend money

  2. Enter the payment, making sure that a job number is assigned to the transaction

  3. Click Record and then Cancel

Report on reimbursable expenses

  1. Go to the Reports menu at the top of the screen. Highlight Index to reports and click.

  2. Click the Accounts tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Jobs heading and highlight Reimbursable Expenses

  4. Click the Customise button at bottom.

  5. Using the down arrow you may select all jobs or a specific job.

  6. The Reimburse status allows the selection of expenses already reimbursed or Reimbursable expenses not yet reimbursed.

  7. Click display

Invoicing a customer for a reimbursable expense

  1. From the Sales command centre click Enter Sales

  2. Enter the customer's name.

  3. In the Invoice # field accept the default invoice number

  4. Enter the date of the transaction

  5. Click the Reimburse button at the bottom of the window to display the Customer Reimbursable expenses window.

  6. This window has two tabs - To be Reimbursed and Reimbursed/Removed.

  7. Click the To be Reimbursed tab.

  8. In the Reimbursement account field at the top enter the account number to be used for recording the income for all billed expenses. The number can be selected using the down arrow.

  9. Click in the selct column next to each expense.

  10. Click the Markup button to display the Markup information window.

  11. In the Percent Markup field, enter the percentage of markup. e.g. 20%

  12. Click the Markup x Items only button to redisplay the Customer Reimbursable Expenses window. the amount to be reimbursed is listed in the Reimbursable column.

  13. Click Reimburse to return to the sales - New service window.

  14. In the Description field, enter the details of the reimbursement items.

  15. Click Record and then click Cancel