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  indent Accounting for Departments or Divisions in MYOB

indent The Categories function in MYOB enables tracking and reporting all transactions according to divisions or departments.

indent Setting up the Category preference

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.

  2. Select the System tab.

  3. Mark the Turn on Category Transaction checkbox

  4. Select Not Required on All Transactions if your purpose is to track only certain types of transactions.

indent Creating Categories

  1. Go to the Lists menu and choose Categories. The Categories window appears.

  2. Complete the fields: Category ID e.g. 001, Category Name, Description.

  3. The Category assignment box appears on the bottom right-hand corner of invoices etc. once set up.
indent Category reports

  • The Category reports are found in the Accounts view of the Index to Reports window.

    1. Activity Summary (Category)

    2. Activity Detail (Category)

    3. Category Transactions

    4. Profit and Loss (Category)

    5. Balance Sheet (Category)

    6. General Ledger - Category (Summary)

    7. General Ledger - Category (Detail)

    8. Category History (Office Link)

    9. Categories List
  indent MYOB Jobs Management

indent The "Jobs" facility in MYOB can be organised to track Income, Costs, Expenses and Net Profit/Loss.

  indent Creating a new job

  1. In the Lists Menu at the top click Jobs. A Jobs List window will be displayed.

  2. Click the New button. The Job Information window appears.

  3. Select the Header Job option.

  4. In the Job Number field, type e.g. 5000 and press TAB.

  5. Leave the Sub-job of field blank.

  6. In the Job Name field, type Name of Job

  7. In the Description field, type Description of Job

  8. In the Contact field, type the name of a contact on the Job

  9. The Percent Complete field indicates how far the job has progressed in percentages.

  10. In the Start Date field, type the start date. The Finish Date will be entered upon completion of the job.

  11. In the Manager field , type the name of the manager

  12. Click OK

  13. Create subheaders (Detail jobs) for the job such as e.g. 5100 - Materials , 5200 - Labour, 5300 - Extras.
indent Processing Job transactions

indent Job Numbers can be added to line items to track income and expenses. A column for allocating job numbers is found in the following windows:

  • Spend Money (Banking command centre)

  • Receive Money (Banking command centre)

  • All types of Sales Invoices (Sales command centre)

  • All types of Purchase Invoices (Purchases command centre)

  • Payroll

  • Time Billing
  indent Entering Job Opening Balances

  • You can only enter opening balances for Detail jobs. Header jobs get their balances from the Detail jobs below them.

  • Go to the Setup menu and choose Balances then Job Opening Balances

  • In the Job Number field, click the search icon (down arrow), select job number and click Use Job

  • Enter the balances for the job in the Opening Balance fields

  • Click OK

  • Open the Jobs List to view the opening balances for the job.
  indent Entering Job Budgets

  • Highlight the job number and click Budgets . The Job Budgets by Account window appears.

  • Enter the budgets for the job in each account's budgets fields.

  • Click OK

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